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You won't believe what I'm after,
I play this game for keeps.
Lot's of blood, and disaster,
I'll drop you down on your knees.
I (?) so called religion,
The right to do as you please.
If they should hold me for ransom,
Honey, destroy my tapes as you leave.
I've got a license to murder,
will die.
work for United Countries,
don't even ask me why.
regrets baby,
You see me on the T.V.
The politicians I protect,
Are filled with hate and disease.
We're fighting in the streets,
So you can feel at ease.
We're fighting for our lives,
In order to survive.
I'm in the C.I.A.!
around like a stallion,
think I'm too cool.
lot's of money and action,
I don't get fooled.
my magnum
worry at all
and I'll blow your face