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It isn’t love, but pain, that makes you brave
A secret wire you walk but still remain devoted
Quaking like we’re old lovers
Aching in the dark

Wondering, who could be the one to melt your heart
‘Cause I’ve seen love, vast as oceans
Melt like blood

I see your silhouette across the night
It makes me sad ‘cause you’re so beautiful
Lover, don’t wait too long
After all this bitterness

It tastes like caramel
After all this bitterness
Delicious as caramel
And it’s like seeing the sun again

After years of only pouring rain on my soul
It doesn’t matter now
Just to know it’s possible
Is all I ever dreamed

You give me strength I don’t know why
You resurrect me from the pyre
And it’s the sweet death of your pain
After all this bitterness

There’s nothing I could do to make it right
And nothing I could say to make the dark seem brighter
But here’s the one that paints wishes

Riding on a star
Here’s the one that can make a fire
From just a spark

Lure me out, in the desert
And call me home

It tastes like caramel

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