Carbon Copy

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This is our burden
The pain we endure, we must carry it together
It will soon become a memory
It's staring us in the face, but we just turn the other way

Take the easy route while millions of people's homes fall to the ground
Merciless and unforgiving as it sets us back
The truth could bury us all in the end
You and I walk carefully as we lighten our step and hope our tracks just disappear

We don't want to leave an imprint
This can't be what we're known for
I'll leave the world as it was given to me, flowing full of life and filled with diversity
I can look with pride in my child's eyes, and he will know I helped preserve what may have died

He will know what I've done
We will look ahead
The trail I've left won't lead the history books right back to me
This generation won't let it all just slip away

Don't let it slip away
I'll walk forward and sense the ground beneath me
The choice is mine
I need to make the right one

The earth may remember what we have done
The choice is mine
I need to make the right one

Autor(es): August Burns Red

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