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You saw my face
The one staring the dark
Staring through the window

All I saw
Were ways to swallow my heart
Deep inside my chest
I'm exploding

I want to take you home
Did you see those lights?
Those pretty lights
I remember that just last night
I could barely hold you
My hands were on fire
You made me who I am

The world flew by
with big black blobs on the highway
And maybe I was just
To tear-stained to see them
Tears cried for nothing
Anger thrown for just the same
Fury put my life out
To begin my misery

The night overcame me
Minute by the hour
Just can't seem to get you out of my head
Now that I'm done for
I see those crazy lights
That you tried to point out to me that night

Maybe this my violent night
Of losing, of loosings

Now you're free from all those nights
That we held up high
To prove that we co-exist
Now you're free from all those times
That we held inside
To prove that we can exist

I'm losing my mind
Please help me find
I'm dying without you