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In your empty bed
You remember every word she said
And every word rings in your head
Except, "I'm Sorry"
And when the dark comes down
Upon this stark and sullen town
Will all her ghosts still hang around
To wreck the party?
Caroline on the breeze
Whispering in the trees
You caught her like a disease
But they still haven't found the cure
She took what she could skive
With her transparent eyes
And she starved herself of everything
Money couldn't buy

Another steel-gray dawn
You wonder whether to go on
When obligations linger on
As if you made them
You're so sick and tired
Of disinfectants, cops, and lawyers
All satan's angels are his choir
Sing Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Caroline on the bridge
Not allot left to give
Never mind what she did
She could only betray herself
She walked a crooked line
Led you deaf, dumb, and blind
And she compromised your
Confidence in every single crime

Autor(es): Tod A.