Fucked Up

Carried Out To The Sea

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Post modern sycophants splice together new genes, ignorant of the irony creating wholes from incompletes.
Can you hear them crying out?
It's systematic of change, just co-opt it and let it die out.
Afraid to exceed demands, just hold on until it hurts.
Crushed to death by the paradigm shift, the taste of freedom makes him sick.
The essentialist arguments are in essence essential.
Serve to divide the whole, a part is easier to take our eyes fixed on the horizon,
hope for something better through a tear blurred vision gaze.
There has to be something better, we are eroded by rivers and carried out to the sea. Suffered by our ignorance, got to fix this social scene;
listened to the clowns for so long that now it all sounds the same.
We are eroded by rivers and carried out to the sea,
where we sink to the bottom and become part of the deep and
when the sun hits the water we will be left with the sand,
where we will form together and become river banks again.

Autor(es): Fucked Up / Pink Eyes

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