Carroll County Accident No. 2

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When I was born the folks around they did dispare
Cause I was born with all my teeth and long black hair
They couldn't decide what to name me Percy Bruce or Kent
So they just called me the Carroll County Accident

I was two feet high and had a winning smile
And baul you could hear me for a country mile
Soon I was six years old and off to school I went
But they still called me the Carroll County Accident

When I was seventeen I had a girl or two
Boy I dug them girls and I still do
I would say sweet words and pay them compliments
But they called me the Carroll County Accident

When I was twenty five that was a very good year
Cause all I did was lay around and drink cold beer
My popa had a car with all the fenders bent
It was caused by the Carroll County Accident

[ guitar ]
I went down to Kelly's bar again last night
Some son of gun in there he wanted to start a fight
He hit me and right through Kelly's wall I went hello wall
Caused another Caroll County Accident

Now they had a waitress there oh she was a dear
So I explained that the two dollars was for the beer
Soon I bought her a wedding dress made out of print
And now she's Mrs Carroll County Accident
She's married to the Carroll County Accident
I think we're gonna have another little Accident

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