Cast a Stone

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Forget about obsession,
What is it that you desire most?
The wrong direction?
Follow your head if your heart's not willing
It makes me sad to stop and think
We can't trust each other

I tried so hard to salvage everything is gone forever
Crimson shadows on the wall that breed
all the sadness passes we will not
Cast a stone forever

Accept my invitation
Walk this way and I will be your host
Another stranger
staring through the eyes of his own ghost.
It makes me sad to sit and ponder
why is this over
I've been amused for far to long
and now our time is over

Crosses spinning round by candle light
All the darkness breathing we will not
Cast a stone forever.

The pain is your salvation,
The only proof that you were once alive
You destination for the rest of your miserable life

It makes me sad to see the things
That once could happen.
Reality has crippled me and
Now my soul is saddened

The light goes black!

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