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If it wasn't for this crippling mixture of fear and delusion, greed and control,
then maybe we'd have a realistic picture
of what we have bought and what has been sold.

It's the oldest way to take control.
Aim their discontent at those below.
Make the problem and sell the solution.
Watch them line up for their executions.

There's reason to fear catastrophe... but it's not from overseas...
it's in DC, and on Wall Street. It's hiding behind your TV screen.

It's a testament to the power of fiction...
The giant can fear what it's swallowing whole,
and never suspect the ones who,
make billions from death and destruction while we pay the toll.

So what will it take to look past distractions
and open your eyes to what's ahead on the road?
Dissident camps? Constant surveillance?
Just stare down the barrel and smile while this explodes.


What will you do? Wish this away?
I'd like to say fight, but it might be too late.


Autor(es): Eric Johanson