Coital Mutilation

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Disarticulated, dismembered, and shred
Useless pile of squirming meat
Smeared bodily secretions gleaming
As I caress the sickening flesh...

Cadaveric penetration
Intestinal fornication
Masturbating on your innards
Probing your orifices...

Throbbing, I masturbate
Drooling I ejaculate...

Macerated intestines
Disgusting, seeping, and torn
Semen splattered evisceration
Necro-erotic stimulation...

(Lead- Matt)
(Lead- Derrel)

Abdominal cavity, Flayed and pinned
Eviscerated cadaver, Decapitated and skinned...

Throbbing, I masturbate
Drooling I ejaculate...

Autor(es): Exhumed