Andre Nickatina

Caught In A Verse

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[Andre Nickatina]
Sometimes I feel like I'm caught in a verse
Or I'm Bobby Fischer but nobody cared to search
Can't look my mother in the eye no mo'
Can't tell her that the god don't get high no mo'
Its the begining of a train wreck
Hold ya heart cause believe me the camera won't explain it
Or contain it, an angel said "free"
Was I really what you wanted me to be?
You trust the soul of the icey cold
Because they bump you where guns and the drugs is sold
And where the gods said they're born to roll
And they'll think like this until they gray and old
I think back to when I was drug free, care free
But that was long ago kinda like a memory
Do you remember me? Man it was long ago
We used to like each other livin in the Fillmoe
You never said no I never said hoe
But like I said in the begining that was long ago
And from the start yo you knew I wasnt Mozart
Marvin Gaye always said life comes apart
And like a puzzle, some times it gets worse
I'd probably break down if I step into church

We had dreams of doin things with money
Its funny how situations get ugly
I usta believe when a girl says she love me
But now I take off, don't look back and keep runnin'
A hundred miles an hour I'm hidin my smile
But now I find time just for writin it down..huh
It's kill joy, I'm still your boy
'til then I'ma build and destroy
And fill the void
I keep sinnin in this sensitive world
Though I've never gotten this for a lesson to learn...(never)
Baby keep askin me when I'd return
Not knowin' I'm a playa in every sense of the word..HUH
My momma cry she know I ain't livin right
Can't legiaimize who I am in her mind
Am I blind or just too ignorant?
I'd give my life to feel that innocent
I can't look back
Bags is packed
Sayin "Won't nobody know where I'm at" ..(gone)
Across the map
No contact leave the phone
Rollin stone, and RARELY be at home
I got a plan to get away
Hustlin' a family
We can live for betta days
Or I mean HAPPY
But everything comes with time

...................its like that

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