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Oh...baby I'm crying, forever more
Oh...baby and now when you're gone

My head feels heavy and empty
It circles around in the sky
Between new corners it will fade away

It's just a place filled with sorrow
So when I told you the truth
you might be lonesome forever more

Can't touch these feelings
of empty shadows

The keeper of rainbow has told me
that time is not far away
It makes me stronger it's in my eyes

Can't touch these feelings
of empty shadows
This place is calling; your hell is burning

It'burning around my head

Our love can't be strong enough

I can't call trence to your master
he must been wretched from the start
that kind of love can't be strong enough

Can't touch these feelings
They have no meaning
It's in my veins again
No matter how I try
It's burning around my head

Ceasefire... Ceasefire... Ceasefire

Autor(es): Andersson

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