Come On Back

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Listen Girl...

Where Are You Baby?
I Needed You Last Night
Rubbin' On My Body
Plus I Had An Appetite
Girl I Miss the Thongs You Wear
And the Way They Split Your Shhh
Baby Can We Get It Down
And This Time Can We Make It Last

Come On Back, Girl
Cos I Miss the Fun We Had
Wash My Back Girl
Cos I Have You Here By Myself
Don't You Know Baby
You Put It On and I Drive You Like I Drive My Jeep
You Wear My Favorite Thong I Wear You Right to Sleep

Can You Get Here Baby
It's Around Ten O'clock
Plus I Want to Take a Bath
I'm Goin' to Make It Real Hot
So By the Time You Get Here
You Wash My Back Girl You're Wetting On Me
Who Got the Keys to My Jeep
I Wanna Go Deep, Deep

Chorus Untill Fade