Cody Simpson

Check Yes

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Hey, I think I met you at the other day
But I didn't know what to say
So I thought I try to let it down,
And see if you can take you out
Cause I think that we can have a
Goode time, and
Gotta take a chance sometime
So I'm looking for the right girl,
I need to find a good girl
You you you my love now

The Britney that you be with me,
Hey Judy wanna see a movie?
Trick tack would you be until in the end?

All I want to know is would you be my girl,
Is always gonna be by my side
Would you be my girl,
The one that makes me feels too sweet

Would you be my girl, check yes do you wanna
Be my girlfriend?
Check yes if you wanna be my girlfriend
Be yes you're the best and you can
Be my girlfriend

Hey, I think you really great but you know
Ain't only big one maybe this it
Can be you girl you can be my world
You you you is my love now