Contaminate Me

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Watch me
My measures get desperate
Stand beside me
Keep your head calm

Futile pride
Holds back my endeavour
Talking loud
Beneath my own palm

Will you follow me if I ask you?
Will you wait for me if I stop?
Will the time I give you be helpful?
Shall our lives be one 'till I drop?

Repent, relearn
Do it all again
No need to know your lie

Bring back the blissful words
They still make no sense
Copy, paste
At rest I'm in suspense

Surrender to a forgettable story
Narrow idea of a doubtful start
Inverted fury
Surpasses me
Settling in
My heart

In seems to me that you know by now
All the right ways this should be done
Obstacles vanish
Contaminate me
Now run