Chewin' Concrete

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Dancin with the dudes, watch your step,
One slip, my teeth rip through your neck.
All flesh. Always been fresh always will be,
Shadows in the hallway begging, "come with me."
Dizzy, tipsy, wine and gipsies,
Midwives, stingrays and pixies.
Risky busniness, my life on a discus.
Witness protection, tour the intestine.
Geometric ethics knocks you out,
Keep it keep it in the circle, out the head out the mouth.
You don't want a dogfight, bights and scars,
Slice ??? you won't like the odds.
Heard it before, murder the floor,
Burn the roof, kill the show down a shot gets loose.
If you down with the cock then repect the roost.
And roosters respect your hands,
Rolls in pigpens, boxes and chicken dance.
Animal appetite, cannonball crush candle-light.
Maddam black, mistress white,
Sabretooth fight night i can't stand the light.

[Chorus x2]
What you doing?
Concrete chewin,
On a track with Murge and all you suckers are ruined.
What you doing?
Chewin concrete,
S M attack again and you'll be gone in a heartbeat.

Battleaxe phantom, bad temper-tantrom.
Serpent with turpentine and cantine,
Watching cartoon on acid, flashback classic,
Twist masicist, risk your ???.
Don't hesitate to slap bitch if that's what witch want,
I strangle, otherwise treat her like angel.
Madchild love it when a plan come together,
Teflon vest on my chest like whatever.
Words fit together like drugs and fiends,
Full flippin and machine gun and submarines.
Lettin off rounds, never soft sounds with my crew,
Group that excite you, do what I like to.
Run to the head, jack to the brain,
Name: Shane, never use the Lord's name in vain.
??? of stress when it comes to sex,
Play safe.
Always wear my condom, son,
Cuz i dont wanna have my ship blown to kingdom come,
And if the people want the pain I'ma bring them some.

[Chorus x2]

Feast and famin, rain and drought,
Eat well, sleep well, my voice don't burn out.
Asphault, concrete, brick, stone and rock,
Eat 'em all, chew them up, spit them out in blocks.
Knock them out the box, break the bats in half,
Keep the whole world ???, keep the whole team in black.

Not a blast from the past,
Don't flash cash,
Used to get my kicks making bricks of hash.
Used to slap box, used to tap that ass,
Used to get excited, kid, and i don't rap that fast.
Bazooka Joe wrapper, ask my folks,
Bubble gum rhymes plus you come with jokes.

[Chorus x2]

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