John Vanderslice

Convict Lake

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At Convict Lake, we staked our tent
When the wind rose up, the willows bent (oh ohh, oh ohh)
Their airbone spores were released to me
I opened my mouth and let them in (oh ohh, oh ohh)

A small black X on the edge of the camp
I couldn't wait to fall off the map
And so I took another tab

Oh ohh, oh ohh

A lost bobcat found himself in the camp
I held him close, I fed him by hand
And then I took another tab

My friends came down way too soon
I stayed high like the silvery moon

Oh ohh, oh ohh

I awoke in a hospital bed
Bound down like Gulliver tied up in thread
You can't take back what you put in your head

Autor(es): John Vanderslice

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