Chicken Blues

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Me and the chicken went down to the coup
And we stood there waiting for you to recoup
But you're wrong damn miss Sally you're wrong
will we see you tomorrow man I don't bet
I'll bet you got plans for the doctor
Forget it you're wrong
Well a chicken always does what a chicken needs
Yeah he bobs his head and he hides in the weeds
And he's food for weeks
If you breed him you don't
Yeah me and Mr. Chicken and the doctor
We were waiting for you to come along
But you were just shaking you were wrong
Yeah well out of the sun comes the last hunted one
And he runs and he hides can't even decide if he's free
Just bobs it like eyeore
Well me and Mr. Chicken we were ready we were licking
We were waiting for you and the doctor
He was coming but you just in the wrong
"Alright Brad testify something will ya"

Yeah in comes the breeze and you can't hide the doors
So you just try paint yourself up like a whore
Cause you move and your neck it just loses the groove
Yeah me and Mr Chicken and the doctor and the lawyer and everybody else
Want to be Tom Sawyer but you're wrong
Cause the Chicken can't sing no songs
A chicken can't sing no song
A chicken can't sing no song

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