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Acres of park
Drunk in the dark
This is just fantastic it's a British institution
What a fabulous place what a planning revolution
It's a small town
The library is open late the church has a steeple
Open up the doors let's introduce you to the people
There's nothing much to talk about
There's nothing on T.V.
Civic pride is scarey, civic pride is scaring me
In a small town

Where people look surprised because the weather's bad again
In a small town

Yeah the paper say there's far too much going on
So they give the police machineguns 'coz they say they should be strong
But the police protect the villians 'coz the villians know the law
I'm going to hole up in my livingroom and lean against the door
In a small town

Chickentown manoevures keep the punters on their toes
In a small town

The busses don't run after half-past ten
The bars are full of psychopathic german-shepard men
I see budgies in the gutter with a wing or two torn off,
While their owner does the corner supermarket shuffle,
Coughing up the consequence of smoking 40 grotty fags a day
Doesn't like 'em, can't afford them, but he does it anyway
Living in development corporation town
Where they don't bang you up they just slap you down
If the banks don't get you, then the back-bars will
And when it's eaten you up it's gonna be here still
In a small town

Where everybody's much the same as everybody else
In a small town
You oughtta get out more it would be better for your health
In a small town
Empty fertiliser bags at Billing Aquadrome
In a small town
Welcome to the muppet ranch you have a lovely home
In a small town
Yes you really have a very very very very very lovely home
In a small town
What was that they promised you? You'd have a lovely home?
In a small town
Welcome to the muppet ranch you have a lovely home

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