Children's Eyes

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Do you know what feels the child
When father's chasing it with a real knife
Do you know how does it feel
To see enraged man kicking his innocent wife

Pain , hate , crying
You want to watch him dying
World full of lies
Beware of children's eyes
Eyes full of hate
Eyes filled with pain

Dad , I want to see your blood
Blood , I want to see it dad

[chorus 2]
Through all these days
Through all these nights
I saw your face
And I wanted you to die
Where are you dad
When I need your help
You're to selfish
You just think about yourself

[Solo: Czesiek]
[Solo: Jacek]

Sometimes you feel only the suffering
Of children's minds , their own miseries
Sometimes you try to simply comprehend
Why father's wasting his child's life

[repeat chorus]

Dad , now I can see your blood
Die , you mother.....r die

[repeat chorus 2]

Autor(es): Sceptic