Chingy - Balla Baby

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You know the definition of a balla
(uh hu) That's me
C-H-I-N-G to the Y
Let me explain it to you though

I'm a balla (say what) high roller baby (baby, baby)
Shot caller (that's right) ain't nobody gets crazy (drive em
crazy dirty) like me
You a hater (you a hater) why you tryin' to play me (I don't
think he know)
fake player (fake player) ain't nobody hatin (hey, I'm a balla
for real)
(oh, oh, oh)

Girl I know you do the nasty (nasty)
I could tell when ya (when ya) walked past me (past me)
And you're proud of looking flashy
Errthing on your mind
Just ask me
I know my errrrelated stuff wasky (wabbit)
Carrots all in the dezzy
It's a habbit (uh)
Wurrs my cash
Outside I gotta Benz and Jag (both sittin on chrome)
Is she down for gettin dirty with a get it boy
All I need is one night just to hit it boy
After the club we can check in at a five-star telly
Get a suite an let me put somethin in your belly
What's your name Sheena
(ah) that you was Shelly
Don't matta four o'clock
Just be ready
Foreva solja probably won't come back from your momma
Must be thick that's where ya get your back from


Now I know we keep it crackin ask 'em and brit (what's up)
The girls on us so dirty who you rollin wit (V-I-P)
From Magic City to the pink slip in the Lou (Lou)
them chicks love the diamonds that I get from Rob Jewels
We been in the spot maaaan hang up flirtin
We be surrounding by girls man and I ain't purpin
All I know is money cash hoes like J
And I got all three no I don't play (don't play)
Chicks call me Drama King like KaySlay (KaySlay)
Cause in the bed I bring it (yeah) night and day
Lettin rounds off in 'em like an AK
You leavin wit me tell me is it free or do I have to pay, (what
you say)


I like em black, white, Puerto Rican, or Haitian
Like Japanese, Chinese, or even Asian (okay)
Don't matter what color on this occasion, (fo sho)
Like smoke take a hit of what I'm blazin
Instead of God it's me these girls praisin
Meet me at about 6 at the Days Inn
5 of 'em, 1 of me, I'm feelin caged in
I'm a pimp, I'ma keep on playin
You know I love 'em for that one night, (one night)
I could take on ten with my one pipe, (one pipe)
Knock 'em all like a bowlin pin on site, (on site)
Make 'em soak, change, girl look herre you better get your mind

Aint nobody gettin it.... like me

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