Chinmoku No Maigotachi (translation)

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The lost children of silence

I see the moon come out between the buildings people come and go under the white streetlights in its cold, inanimate way, the brightly lit city sucks the life out of me
It was at midnight disappearing into the darkness was the sound of a clock ticking and footsteps in the town, the sound of a baby's cry rings out shout it out, even though you're looking for the blood
*the one who loses their dream, but is still standing in the darkness is a pale shadow of a person
**woh woh i never want to see keep smiling woh woh i never want to see if you're still alive
In this silent room, examining the loneliness that has stolen upon you bathing in the morning sun is a person with heavy footsteps opening your mouth wide, in the consuming rush hour you have no time to heal your broken heart
In the blinding morning, in the crevice is merely a newspaper and magazine, the atmosphere that strains your legs turning your eyes from the past, sleeping in the place you are led to even though "hands that rescue" and "warmth" are things you should want to give out
The one who lost love, and is lost in this strange dimension is a guilty person
***woh woh i never want to see open your eyes woh woh i never want to see if you're still alive

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