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I'm gone, but just for some time
To see all the beauty that calls for my eyes
Is this the right thing to do?
For now it is better than crying with you

Maybe we all do think too fast
Losing precious time made to last
For all of our loves throughout our lives
Oh, it hurts the most to say goodbye

Girl, when I left you, I always knew
That someone would take care of you
Never had it crossed through my mind
You would wait for me all of this time

Maybe we need to search in our hearts
And look for the answers we yearned for so long
For all of our loves throughout our lives
Yes, it hurts the most to say goodbye

A sign to what you always knew, it's true...
You know, I always thought of you
I always thought of you

But I still remember you
It hurts so bad when late at night I fail to sleep
A vision of what could have been
The doubt comes by and looks straight into my eyes

Here lays a strange kind of feeling
That even irony itself can't explain
While the world is growing larger
Everyone has problems to complain

Cold as the blue sky
I ask myself if this is all a lie
Face down to the ground
Will we ever be in love again?
Please understand
I'm still your friend

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