Slapp Happy


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It's not in my make-up.
Oh coralie why don't you even try?
I'm no agitator
I couldn't imagine so tell me why
Didn't you want me,
Why didn't you want me to want you?
Couldn't you take that chance
This kid consoled
And saved, his soul

Coralie, you just have to breathe
On the window and write
Telling me how we can meet
And be lovers tonight

I'm no operator, oh coralie
Why do you tell me lies?
I don't want to hate you
So c'mon and c'mon and tell me why
Didn't you want me, etc

Why do I feel so crazy?
The things my mind is on
Living in a daydream 'til the dawn comes
Then another breakdown
Of the way it was today
And all the while the smile you smile
There's nobody going to take that away
Oh coralie