Choose Me For Champion

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Choose me to be your champion
I am possessing of a very righteous style
I understand what's happening
I have charisma and of course a winning smile
I stand accused of being an audacious redeemer
Not a charge I can deny
I have refused the ways of the liar and the schemer
And I'm not afraid to die

Oh hark back to the mighty shipwreck
How ancestors of the islanders are we
How the ship sank like a sinking think-tank
Our memories are gone and sink at sea
We have allowed ourselves to be insulted by invaders
For the longest of years
I will employ all my cunning and my patients
And then we will persevere

I find I can get behind
Heretical ideas and make them real
You do what you want to do
I cannot tell you how to feel

But if the grievous deeds of the Floridian forces
Have not opened up your eyes
I will get down on my knees and the Pitcarinian's Women Chorus
Will shout up to the skies

There's only twenty-four of us
Here on our island in the sea
And we know Queen Mary Todd has sent her army
And I can be the hero that you need me to be
Oh, my visionary people
You don't need powerful binoculars to see
That we're descendants of the Bounty mutineers
And I can liquidate your fears
And Pitcarin Island will be free

Free in the air
We don't want those blimps coming here
Free in the sea
A colonial offshoot is that what you want to be?
Freedom is fine
The responsibility for saving all our lives
On Pitcarin Island should be mine

Consider Thursday October Christian
He's a great rebel and I am exaggerating only very slightly
He wore no clothes but a piece of cloth about his loin
Heroism is no more than a chapter in a tale of submission.
"The walls of oppression and humiliation cannot be demolished except in a rain of boomerangs,"
Christian said Monday in response to Thursday's balloon massacre

Autor(es): Melora Creager

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