Choose Your Poison

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I say hey, now, c'mon y'all
If there's money in your pocket and your walkin' tall
Make your way to the bar and get your poison chosen
Drink it old school style in your b-boy pose

I get off mad flows like a pack of eskimos
On a dog sled in a blizzard, 'cause I'm the Wizard of ah shit
I'm bout to wreck your set
And you steppin' to me, is just an empty threat
Somethin' I can't sweat kid, you never see me worry
I never been caught 'cause my hands ain't been dirty
Five years from thirty, come check the age
If you can't rhyme simply turn the page
And I'll engage in this gift that's kicked swiftly
Stickin' to your mouth just like some Jiffy
Peanut Butter, you know my style's butter
'Cause every word I utter rocks the sky from the gutter
I'll make ya shutter when I rock your soul
I do things the way I like 'cause this mic is controlled
And if ya get bold well then ya get Vic
'Cause your knowledge is a trip kid, it's making me sick


I'm Danny Boy with the hardcore style
I'm punchin' suckers in the mouth like a root canal
Ya get me started then I'm hard to stop, I got forty five calibers ready to pop
And when I pop off ya drop off, ya get blown out the frame
'Cause the more shit change, the more shit stay the same
And I got no respect for your area, from Brooklyn to Dublin
I keep your ass fumblin', 'cause I'm the fuckin' ball busta
Brooklyn heartbreaker, House of Pain pimp money maker


I got rhymes finesse, I got rhymes galore
I got rhymes for peace, I got rhymes for war
I got rhymes for heads, I got rhymes for skins
I got ryhmes kid, your crew ain't got no wins
So step up if you wanna get your head cracked
Run up if you wanna get your skull knocked
Play the hard rock baby, get your ears boxed
I'll kill y'all just like I was small box
I kill your livestock like I was anthrax
Come see me live and crazy as a bandat