Corn Licker Blues

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Now I love my good corn liquor : and I really mean I do
Now I don't care who knows it : and I really mean that too

Now I've been drinking my good corn liquor : I mean don't no one get rough
Now I try to treat everybody right : but I mean don't start no stuff

Give me another half a pint : [and, then] maybe I'll go home
The reason why I'm getting drunk today : I swear my baby's gone

Some folks like their alcohol : but give me my corn *I believe* all the time
Reason why I love it so well : it's so soothing to my mind

So give me some more corn liquor : if I get drunk [just please, please just] take me home
I ain't going to bother nobody : just let the good times baby roll on

Autor(es): Leroy Carr

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