Christine Wakes Up

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Christine wakes up
Lights a cigarette
Tries not to remember
What she can't forget
A back against her back
His breathing in the dark
One day she woke up
They had grown apart
She couldn't sing his name
Yeah suddenly the universe
Just changed

Christine wakes up
Coffee in her cup
Plays back the message
Where he's giving up
And he's moving on
He won't be callin' back
Her pictures are still burning
A new day has begun
So why is she crying
Yeah suddenly the universe
Just changed

And what is this mystery
And who has the map
And where is the road
That leads me thru a lifetime
And why does her heart fly away
Like a bird in a cage
With no bars and no locks
Only love to hold her down

Christine wakes up
An empty bed is cold
Reaches for the arms
That she used to hold
The pattern of our lives
A story come to life
The moon blinks its eye
And love paid the price
Cause she never really knew
Yeah suddenly the universe
Suddenly the universe
Suddenly the universe
Just changed

And christene wakes up

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