Heavy Trash

Christmas In Königstein

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Hang on everybody, wait a second, please, please pay attention
We are gathered here today

ehhh, Deck the halls with holly and mistletoe, well don't get mad in a blinding storm
Mamas cooking stories and everybody's drinking that wine
I said it's Christmastime baby, in Königstein

Well, I'm going out to the country, down on a bended knee
Gonna love my baby 'neath the Christmas tree
I am yours and you are mine
I've heard of Christmastime people in Königstein

Yeah you've got to honour, got to obey
Put your love right now 'cos forever and a day
Come on, everyone bare witness, got to attest
Here come the bride in a little flower dress
she's my sweet little baby, sweet like [unknown] I call mine?

I said it's christmastime baby in a Königstein, yeah
Oh [unknown] little bit

Pass me the cradle, make it out of clay,
it's little baby Jesus birthday party today

Here come the brother, here come your mum,
here come your daddy with the big shot gun
I put the baby in the honey and it made me so happy
What you gonna do when your daddy gone,
what you gonna do baby when your mamma's on the lawn

Put your hand in mine, pretty mama, come on
I'm gonna love you forever, stick by your side
Laugh at all your jokes until we both old and deaf