Continental Drifters

Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway

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Written by vicki peterson
Main voice: vicki
Produced by continental drifters & mike mayeux
Released on 'vermilion' (1999)
Also released as a single a-side with "meet on the ledge" (1998)

It took two hours to drive out of post-quake l.a.
Where the freeway is sliced up like sheet cake
Got new tires I'm not gonna worry
Got three days to go so I'm not in a hurry
Get into tucson and what do I find
I'm having some trouble just keeping my mind
On the 10.

Driving by that detour we took
To watch the sunset at the scenic overlook
The light was lovely but to my surprise
The most violent colors were in your eyes
All the reds and yellows, black and blue
It's what I remember from driving with you
On the 10.

On the 10.

Whoa oh, white noise and lightening
Ooooo on the radio, oh no.

Looking up a tree like a georgia o'keefe
And the texas stars are in high relief
University road, you think I'd have learned
So many new ways to get bitten and burned
At the devil's river inn at three a.m.
Hey, give me those keys I gotta get
Back on the 10.

On the 10.

Whoa oh, white noise and lightening
Ooooo on the radio, go robert, go!

Feeling unbound of heart and breast
Got the visor down and I'm headed west
A little wiser now, I'm unimpressed
By the secret you and I confessed
On the 10 (whoa oh).

On the 10 (whoa oh)
On the 10 (whoa oh)
On the 10 (whoa oh).

Autor(es): Vicki Peterson

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