Doug Supernaw

Country Conscience

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I came in here tonight
To do a little thinking
When i left home-i promised her twice,
"i ain't going drinking"
Then you walk in and knock me down
We could slip away, but in a few days
It'll be all over town ('cause)

But my country conscience will tell on me
The roots of my raising-run too deep
Sometimes temptation can make a strong man week
But my country conscience won't let her cheat

I started to leave
Then i hesitated
I looked in her eyes
And i was "almost persuaded"
Then she took my hand-but when she touched my ring
A voice in my head, spoke up and said,
"son you're doing the wrong thing"

My country conscience won't let me cheat

Autor(es): Keith Stegall / Michael White / Roger Murrah

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