Planet Gemini


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Hold, onto the hours they cry
Controlled, not by the tempters that lie
Fate a silhouette of graves encompassing
Life, Cold and devoured

They say that life is killing you
They say you're running in circles
Turn around don't look down
Nothing left to do.

Fear, Nothing but heaven's design
Hate, not for a second he cries.
Lost wilted pedals of our misery
Fate controlled and devoured

Your soul is screaming you will not find your way
another day gone by in shadows of your shame.
Soulless depression man, looks you in the eye
His only purpose is to ruin your whole life.

Death, shrugging his shoulders at man
Hope, Hoping for miracles at hand.
Fire, my lost desire that once was threatening
Life, Cold and devoured

You say your mind has turned on you
You say you're running in circles
Turn around, Look around.
What'cha gonna do?

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