C Is The Heavenly Option

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My boyfriends says he will leave me
Should I (A)
Get down on your knees
Should I (B)
Tell him where to go
Or should I (C)
Kiss him until it shows

Your boyfriend's got no fashion sense
Should you (A)
Try not to take offense
Should you (B)
Tell him to go to Next
Or should you (C)
Kiss him and forget

If you're an (A) you will see
You'll get chucked and end up unhappy
If you're a (B) you will find
That's cool but hey don't be so unkind
And if you're a (C), you'll end up like me
And love with bowl you over
If you're a (C), you'll end up like me

Don't play games if you're broken-hearted
Don't try to finish what you ain't got started
And if you've got problems
Then don't bring them to me

My girlfriend's getting sick of me
Should I (A)
Change your personality
Should I (B)
Put her love to the test
Or should I (C)
Kiss her till she's obsessed
Your girlfriend fancies your best friend
Should you (A)
Stick around with them
Should you (B)
Tell them "That's just fine"
Or should you (C)
Kiss her till she's mine

You're looking at me like you only half believe my story
How can I purse my lips and kiss when I'm in such a fury
Don't think my heart ain't jumping,
pumping, slumping through the floor

Me oh my it's true
But I need you

The smile that I put on to mask a face that's more than nervous
Is never hard when I recall that I just don't deserve this
Don't think my heart ain't quaking, shaking, breaking open but it's
What I must do
If I want you

C, C, C, C, C, C, C is the heavenly option

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