City of Lost Children

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And they met when they were young
With one thing in common
Two big city kids lost in a stupid world
Of egotistic boys and the lieing little girls

And he knows there was something there
Cause he saw it in her stare
All he does is look back, something to hold onto
Second guessing life cause he doesnt know the truth

And he knows cause he fakes it
That hes doing okay
And he knows cause he wastes it
His life and everyday

And in his head hes always known
The way the story is supposed to go
But then she left, now shes fifty states away
And he waste his hours on his letter everyday

'cause now shes just a dream
Of how things could have been
So he sits at home and wonders where she is
And what shes doing, does she ever think of him

And he keeps on writing her letters
Ones hell never send
And he wished that he had a picture
So he could see her face again


Autor(es): David Jones

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