Cockin' My Glock

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[* lullaby in the background *]
[Biggie talkin']
Yo niggas! Ready to hell?
You'll be in danger!

[verse 1: The Biggie Sound]
In Colombia I show my power
Nina can tell you how my material
Lookin' at the sky you'll know who's Imperial
Cockin' my glock
Escobar was often on my block
Don't be stupid nigga
I get the money, I'm hittin' his niggas
In the glow of the stock
I got bitches fuckin' his gang
I found in tha mangroves, in tha mud, in tha gutter
Breakin' the bottle, I'm the betta
The rap's prodigy goes to show you the Beretta
I'm pickin' up all ya cheddar
Yo Jim, tell them what I do

[Jim Rampage]
"Hit them until they're completely blue"

[* gun cockin' *]
[* lullaby in the background *]

[verse 2: Jim Rampage]
Money revives the dead
Your nose runs while load my clip
Wanna to bet that I'll not slip
I'm over his girl wit' my dick
Breakin' the bar wit' those guys who laughed witcha
I gotta Calico, you want to getcha
You don't know what's my business
Keep a distance
I'll pluck his guts and you turn upside low
TBS detonates like nitro

[* gun cockin' *]
[* lullaby in the background *]

[verse 3: J. Glock]
Look! J. Glock cockin' the glock
They've already hit my shoulder
But guess who run the block?
Just hear the girls saying "J. Glock you hot"
I played ice in the w-cup, I'm still on the grind
My crack on my mind, my money on my mind
When rockin' the black deep
You know that I put ya baby to sleep
Pullin' gun, firing in your head
You felt my flow
When you leave my show, you contributed the dough
Oh! hey! Oh! Oh! my fo'-fo' blow
You're in my sights! I'm ready to go!

[* gun cockin' *]
[* lullaby in the background *]
[* shots *]

[J. Glock talkin']
His niggas didn't even know how to cock!
You out the world!
'Cause we're gettin'!
T.B.S. Records!

Autor(es): Bigg Sound / J. Glock / Jim Rampage

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