Co. Down

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When you're out walking and there's no one near you
But a voice keeps calling and you hear your name
It's not the leaves or the whispering breezes
It's me that's calling you back again

Chorus (after each verse):
Oh can you hear me? Oh can you hear me
As you roam through lonely London town?
When evening's falling you'll hear me calling
Come on home now to the County Down

Do you remember the fiddlers playing?
The songs and stories, the whole night long?
'Tis little then that you thought of leaving
It seems so strange now that you are gone

The fish are dancing on Clanrye River
The teams are sporting in old Glenvale
My heart no longer can lead the cheering
When you're not playing, it's a different game

I'm always thinking that things are changing
And that they're building a factory tall
And young ones needed again in Newry
But I still need you the most of all