Marian Call

Coffee By Numbers (Faon's Song)

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I'm wearing five pretty hats today
I got four places to be and three critical endeavours to save
Two hands are not enough to balance all this stupid stuff and
One head can hardly run on zero hours of sleep
You know that it's not fun

But Sixth Avenue is calling me away
It's seven blocks from here to eight or nine perfect cafés
I guess I've drawn some kind of line, gonna drop some balls, gonna make some time
My steps are steering that way now
It's not like I'm useful lately anyhow

I'm gonna waste some time and play
I'm gonna find the right café
I'm gonna lay down my dismay and sit in just one chair all day
And wonder wonder wonder -- what it would take to stop

The world -- a spell
I feel dizzy and a bit unwell
Just sit, just stare
There's no one in mortal peril if I
Stop the world awhile
One raw sugar please, I love your smile Babe
Just chill, just breathe
I'll take this one in a real cup please

I'm gonna breathe deep 'til I'm dizzy
Hey Stranger, you look pretty busy

Hey Love, you look like a zombie on parade
You got a cell phone sword and a briefcase barricade
You can't taste your coffee when you drink so fast, is that your tenth
Or eleventh cup? Stranger, look at me
I've never said hello and that's killing me

I've seen you here a dozen times
But I've been wrapped up in my rhymes
We've both got places to be and people to see and doubtless ladders to climb
But wouldn't you wouldn't you love to stop

The world -- with me
Take ten minutes being just to be
We'll talk -- or not
You don't really need that extra shot
Just sit down -- drink up
Darlin', you look simply thunderstruck
I'm new myself
To this startled state of mental health
And I'm mad, I'm sore
So let's hold the phone, babe, let's hit ignore
Might read, might just write
Or I might not do one damn worthwhile thing tonight

I like to walk downtown at night
I like the calm, the dark, the lights
I like the bracing winter air
And I like having five minutes to care

How've you been on your feet so long
As if you had to run the world, had to right every last wrong
As if you could! As if we're all waiting on you
Aren't you tired of somnambulating?

Stop the world a spell
If you feel sick step off the carousel
Just sit -- just stare
Did you think the world would really care
If you stopped the world with me?
Sit down Love, we'll take some tea
Let's rage, let's cry
It feels so nice to depetrify Love
I wanna lay down roots, I wanna hold the line
I want a day of rest, I want a Sunday smile
So take off your hat and unclench your teeth
And fill up your mouth with something sweet
You have to breathe.
Write it on your forehead if you need to.
Just don't forget --
Or aren't you tired of somnambulating yet?

Autor(es): Marian Call