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Keep my head way down
on this soft bed I sleep in
trying to rise up
but something's wrong deep inside me
and I don't mind if you're not here with me
'cos all I do is waste another day and
I am filled with bad blood inside out
and I don't care
listening to the phone
ring a thousand times
I pull the cord of the wall
just to make sure that it's not you
and I don't know if I'm serious with myself
don't care if a car drives over me today
I'm prepared to see the otherside
all alone
with every move that you make
little bit my heart you brake
that's why it's made out of stone now
with every word that you say
little bit my soul you take
that's why I'm a little bit cold now
close my eyes for a while
I feel these memories trapped inside
there's no words left to say
this silent moment keeps on blinding
but I put all the hope in the love
that I thought we shared
all the emotions and dreams
though you never cared
I cried my tears on the nights
that you weren't here
and everything is clear

Autor(es): E. Handley