Dali Sexmare

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Lying on my back
Looking into your eye
Your pink retina
Will kiss my smile

My fingers crumble
Out your lovely nose
Breasts far away
And yet so close

Purple frogs tickle
No fur on your back
Take out my eyeballs
For them to track

Eyes spinning
Running down to your lap
Foot into your
Wide open crack

Flying elbow
Caressing your back
Twisting body sins

Anarchistic juices in my mouth
Mingle on with those of sex
Livid your burning skin
Green curly hair growing within

Swollen cracks all around me
Itching in my loins to triple
Showered in Dali sperm
Hundreds of breasts and a nipple

Surrealistic clitoris makes a cloud
Feeling pleasure when I breathe
Sucking you into my lungs
Intangible though within reach