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You left your shoes on the front porch baby
Come back inside 'cause the snow is falling
And it's twenty below
Where do you go
You saying 'don't you worry honey'
When I remember
Barefeet running, feel so alive
Just in time
And all the lights are glowing
And all the lights are burning
But our fire is out
Yeah, our fire is out
And all the nights grow longer
And all the nights grow colder
But our fire is out
My heart grows tired

Is this all there is?
There's something I'm missing
We give our youth and our souls
For a day in the sun
What have we done?

Well we all get stoned and we say different
Change only comes if
They prescribe it so we all get in line
Now we're living blind
And all
And all
And all
And all

I found my love
But it was frozen
Smile on their faces
Flower growing out of her skin
Beauty within