Damned To Exist Eternally

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Vile, putrid hate, fills my veins
Damn this life, absolute distain
What purpose do I serve here?
Awaiting death I no longer fear

Born we are never free
Confined to our own reality
Cast down in suffering
Damned to exist eternally

I can't stand this place any longer
I'd revel in its destruction
To see the end you must know the beginning
Hopeless is the cycle

Sever the life from my senses
Cling to the instinct to survive
Lye in darkness await renewal
Endlessly carry on

I create, and self destroy
Bleed the hate from my veins
To cleanse the impure I defiled
Truth can invoke the change

Always wondering why
Unable to embrace this life
All colour recedes while
My hate consumes everything

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