Dance And Grow Thin

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[1st verse:]
Some folks who are stout
Worry, there's no doubt
Doctors come and shout:
"Cut your eating out"
I just have to grin
At that double chin
Really, it's a sin
They could all be thin

It's very simple if you care to try it
A million people are reducing by it
You needn't bother 'bout a silly diet
Try a One-Step or a Fox-Trot
Go right ahead and eat a great big luncheon
I guarantee that you will soon have one chin
Instead of two or three
Just take a tip from me
Dance and grow thin

[2nd verse:]
Throw your diet book
In the nearest brook
Chase that weary look
Fox-trot with your cook
Starving is abuse
There is no excuse
You can all reduce
Your... well, what's the use?

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