Colourado Mindtrip

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A psychic gravity I defy
While the body takes off to fly
Energetic streams, they run through me
Eradicate the unbound limbs for free
To the borders of imagination
Perpetual movement, no stagnation

I'm a sailor in the liquid spheres of mind
That's where I create my own reality
In this Colourado all that I can find
Is one single moment in eternity

Into the river of faces thou shalt dive
To see the various forms of life
Existence is a constant flow
Hundreds and thousands come and go
They all change and they renew
Within a moment, just like you!

In darkened temples where the spirits rise
and blue spotlights guide the wanderer's path.
Silence is loud, fire is as cold as ice
and love's a cure for my life's aftermath

Can't distinguish one voice from the other
Groans of the dying ones, still they bother
The cheerful from the weeping, screams of wrath,
Lamentations of the longing, caught in death

Every single voice has its own story to tell. There are old
men, unborn babies, happy children, wretched women and
joyful girls. And some spirits even look like trees and flowers.
But the process of realization in Elias marches on, and in the
light which swallows everything he catches the sight of Melissa's
face. Blurred and glassily but yet beautiful like a princess and as
brightly as a star she smiles at him. Distant and yet so close he
feels her presence and feels every word she speaks more intensely
than ever before:

"Elias, my beloved, oh don't you look so sad at me,
splendour is not just in thoughts and words,
the magnitude of life you have to see!
Go on my dear, although the farewell hurts!"

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