Cody Simpson

Dancing in the rain

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I'm acting like a star, on my iPod
Imma skateboard
Grab my bag, grab a car

I gotta big ride to the end of the clock
Throw my peace sign up it's my stop

Head it the clouds, get it like wow
I love how everybody knows my name around town

Why is everyone looking up at the sky
And i'm the only smiling ?
It's just a drizzle, Oh!

Meet me in the middle, Od!
Oh can you feel the ooh's
Oh can you feel the ooh's
Now I won't go spinning around

Today, i'ii be coasting, on the sidewalk like
It's the ocean
Don't know nothings going to get my way
Not even if the weather change

I don't need the forescast Kick up, we're gonna go
Wait just past
No, not even if the weather change

Alredy dancing, i'ii be dancing in the rain