King Lil G

Come Around

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A just the sweet sweet sensi
Yuh know
Yeh I, yeh I
Nah, nah, nah, nah, now
Taking trips to mexico
Compressed coke
Going back home
Like yeah we bout to make it snow
Gettin' rubber bands
Like here we go again
Visions in my head

From all the doe I'm bout to spend
If you don't make no money
Then to me it makes no sense
You being around
I'm not tryin' to make no friends
Those I got too many
Hoes I'm gettin' plenty
Millions of naked pictures
On the internet they send me

I'm the most wanted
The one they talk about
Who the fuck is this mexican
All up on these bitches mouths
No doubt I turn 'em out
Takin' strippers out of town
Jet skis & boats
Is how the fuck it goes down
Now, let me make shit real clear

I'm connected to them boys
That'll make you disappear
My mother always told me
Son don't never have no fear
Just remember you a man
Wipe your muthafucking tears

Finally the herbs come around
The high grade when me a look for
Me get it by the pound
When collie bud come around
A pure ganja man tune
Just a lick from the sound
E herbs come around
The high grade what man a look for
Me stock it by the pound yeah
When babylon a come around
Ask them whe dem ago search for?

Fuck them other fools
All they do is make believe
Smoking weed
Posing in the front
Covered like a g
Going down my memory lane
When it was just me & my brothers
Representin' my gang
Sellin' cain
Gettin' brain

From my homeboys ex-bitch
She was his
He was pissed
Never gave her a kiss
I was just a ghetto child
Coming from the slums
Didn't have no money
All I had was just my mother's love
Sleeping in the living room
With nothin' to eat
Talkin' to myself

Damn, writin' songs out a beat
That's when I met d, pinche beno, babee gee
I didn't have to look
My future came & found me
Drug dealing inspired me
How could my father lie to me?
Many ways to make a million
I meant velocity
Herbs is like them girls
Finally they come around
I think they got the rumors
I'm making more than a 100 thou

Finally the herbs come around
The high grade when me a look for
Me get it by the pound
Sweet sensi a come around
Me a take a little draw
And pass it go round, so
Finally the herbs come around
The high grade that man a look for...