Come Monday

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Come Monday
Come Monday, baby we will be gone
Come Monday, I'll be casting off
And I saw you through the window and my train wouldn't stop
Come Monday, I'll be gettin' on
In the summer, California so sunny and hot
Watchin' the window waitin' for the other shoe to drop me off
Sunny breezes, will they see you clear
Come Monday, I'll be wishin' you hear
Monday is nobody's business
Monday is nobody's business
Monday is nobody's business
But the maid's and the bed where we laid
It's like December, did you forget the smell of burnin' pine
And everybody on the block, the scuffed knee you left behind
And took a [???], and TV, and your brothers and your kin
Come Monday, I'll be sittin' 'round there with them, missin' you babe
Come Monday, go for a stroll through the park
Near the whistlin' and the cryin' children lost
And barbed wire, hell, would be better than this
Do you remember the very first kiss

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