Comes It Now

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Well, I was 9 years old on the Summer my father died
So we pulled in close to fill the space inside
With laughter and song to keep us warm
But tears can fall from the eye of the storm
And to this day, I hate to say goodbye

When I was 17, I really thought I was in love
'Cause I looked away when we fought like a hawk and a dove
When she'd say yes, I'd say maybe
She wanted my heart, I gave her my baby
Lesson learned, you get your burns if you play

Comes a time, it isn't always fair
When the big hand's here and the little one's there
Comes a time to go
And comes it now
Comes it now

Well it took some time, but I fell in love for real
And with her face, that empty space was filled
After five years gone and five love songs
I don't know how, but it came out wrong
And it seems to me, it's time to be alone


Comes a time, it isn't always clear
When the big hand's there and the little one's here
Comes a time to go
And comes it now