Come Take A Trip In My Airship

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Once, I loved a sailor.
Once, a sailor loved me.
But he was not a sailor,
that sailed on the wide blue sea.
He, sailed in an airship;
Sailed like a bird on the wind;
And every evening at midnight,
he would come to my window and sing:

Come take a Trip in my Airship,
come sail away to the stars!
We'll travel to Venus,
we'll sail away to Mars!
No one will see while we're kissing
No one will know as we swoon.
So come take a Trip in my Airship,
and we'll visit the Man in the Moon!

One night while sailing away from the crowds,
we passed by the Milky White Way.
While idly drifting, watching the stars,
he asked if I'd name the day!
Just by the Dipper, I gave him my heart,
the sun shone on our honeymoon.
We swore to each other, we never would part,
and we'd teach all the babies this tune.

Autor(es): George Evans / Honeyboy Shield

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