Rock N' Roll Worship Circus

Come To The Father

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The Maker of all beauty
The Father of every man
The King in all His glory
Became a simple man

So that we might know Him
His precious blood was shed
And beaten by creation
The King of life among the dead

But grave where is your victory?
And death where is your sting?
For the keys to all your power
Were stolen by my King

Come to the Father
Come through the Son
Join the celebration
Where all our hearts are one

And now You shine in all Your glory
More than words describe
More than just a story
You are the God who is alive

Father of salvation
Lord over every man
So we sing to every nation
A new song to welcome You in

Come to the River
Come and be made clean
With all sins forgiven
Let all the world believe

Autor(es): Rock 'N' Roll Worship Circus

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