Come To The Land Of The Argentine

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[1st verse:]
Down in the land of the Argentine
That's where you'll see the fandango
Done in a way that you've never seen
That's where they started the tango
But outside of their dancing
It's a land of entrancing
Romancing as well

Come to the land of the Argentine
Where ev'ry girl is a Tango Queen
And ev'ry boy is a star with his guitar
He can play it till you get a thrill with ev'ry bar
You haven't lived till you've gone and seen
The sunny home of the tambourine
Where the Spanish Romeos and their Juliets
Lovey dovey to the tune of their castanets
I'm pretty certain that you'll be keen
About the land of the Argentine

[2nd verse:]
Down in the land of the Argentine
Home of the fair Senorita
They are the loveliest ever seen
No girl could ever be sweeter
'Neath the wonderful moonlight
Ev'ry night is a June night
And spoon night as well

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